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Volac is committed to helping dairy farmers improve the long-term health and welfare of their animals in responsible ways. We care deeply for our customers and enjoy helping our partners and communities prosper, so together we can contribute to a sustainable, healthier future.

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Healthier animals mean sustainable herds.

We are world leaders in dairy nutrition and our mission is to develop great products that advance the health and performance of consumers and farm animals.Our heritage as an innovative family business inspires us to confront the challenges in our world. For over fifty years we have been providing farmers and farming communities with innovative research-based animal nutrition products.

We want farmers to make the most of their herds and the best use of resources available to them, so they can prosper and be more competitive — this makes the dairy industry more productive and sustainable.Our animal nutrition business is driven by developing, manufacturing and supplying high-performance products, specifically designed to advance livestock productivity.

We manufacture to the highest industry requirements, making the best use of carefully sourced raw materials. We have optimum control over the quality of the ingredients that we use and the formulations we generate.We focus on providing every customer with innovative animal nutrition solutions — a distinctive combination of products, supported by deep technical knowledge, great practical advice and tailored services.

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