Agricultural waste management

New agricultural waste regulations will come into force on the 15th May 2006. The new rules will affect whether farmers can burn, bury, store, use or send farm waste elsewhere. Here Farmers Weekly addresses some of the key issues

New farm waste controls to take effect from 15 May
New agricultural waste regulations will come into effect on 15 May, DEFRA has confirmed

EA guidelines explain new waste regulations
New guidance has been issued by the Environment Agency to help farmers prepare for new waste management regulations that take effect early next year.

DEFRA plans new rules for waste plastics
DEFRA has announced plans to introduce laws requiring manufacturers to take responsibility for the collection and recycling of non-packaging farm plastics

Say goodbye to waste plastic
From February 2006, farmers will have to look at alternatives to burning or burying waste plastic and recycle it instead. Peter Hill explains how the new specialist collection schemes will operate

Painless recycling
How will you dispose of pesticide containers once new waste regulations are in place? New recycling schemes could provide the answer

No time to waste
The arrival of the DEFRA/Environment Agency agricultural waste regs may have been postponed until December, but farmers shouldn’t be lulled into a sense of false security. David Cousins checks out the latest advice on asbestos, plastic and tyre disposal

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