AHDB webinars: Brexit, trading and support for farmers

Leaving the EU is at the forefront of all UK farming industry’s priorities list, together with our partners at AHDB we have put together a series of three webinars looking to answer the industry’s most pressing questions.

From trade to ELM these webinars highlight farmers’ challenges and opportunities in the coming years and round up 2020 with an honest discussion from farmer to farmer about their fears and concerns about vulnerabilities in the sector post-Brexit.

Webinar one: What is the trading outlook for agriculture post Brexit?

Our first webinar examines what leaving the EU means for trade. As we near the final hurdle in the EU/UK  Brexit negotiations we need to look at the future of UK’s trading relationship with the EU and the rest of the world.

In this session we answer some of the most urgent questions that farmers might have regarding trade and tariffs, looking at different outcomes for new and existing markets.

Our expert speakers are:

  • Phil Hadley – International Market Development Director, AHDB
  • Mary Quicke, Executive Director, Quickes Traditional Ltd
  • Rizvan Khalid, Managing Director,  Euro Quality Lambs
  • Sarah Baker, Senior Strategic Insight Manager, AHDB

The session is hosted by Farmers Weekly’s business editor, Suzie Horne.

Webinar two: From BPS to ELM – Get ready for the changes coming to farm support   

Starting in 2021 BPS payments will be phased out gradually by  2028 when they will disappear altogether and be replaced by Environment Land Management (ELM) options from 2024.

It is imperative for all farming businesses to understand and participate in the new scheme if they want to maintain a certain level of support.

ELM payments will not replace the BPS in its entirety and farms will need to look at other aspects of their business to plug the gap in income.

Join the webinar to find out more about the changes you will need to make to qualify for the scheme and ensure you stay in control of your finances.

  • Ensure you fully understand the changes being proposed and the regional policy differences as Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland have their own post-CAP land management approach.
  • Understand the impact on your turnover of BPS being phased out and learn about ways to bridge the gap.
  • Find out if applying to be an ELM pilot farm is something you can or should do.
  • Consider joining the Countryside Stewardship Scheme.

The session is hosted by Farmers Weekly’s executive editor, Philip Clarke.

Webinar three: Farmer to farmer: Tackling the biggest challenges post Brexit

Join our panel of four farmers as they discuss their fears and concerns post-Brexit, and how vulnerable they feel in their sector, what they are experiencing first-hand, and what they are doing to mitigate the risk for their business.

Find out what farmers can do to understand where they are right now and discover what knowledge farmers can access to make informed decisions about the future of their business.

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AHDB is delighted to be working with Farmer’s Weekly to highlight the challenges and opportunities EU exit brings for our farmers and growers. To calculate how BPS payment reductions in England will impact your farm business and to access our wide range of news, insights and guidance relating to leaving the EU, visit ahdb.org.uk/eu-exit

Do you have a question about leaving the EU?
Find the answer at: ahdb.org.uk/eu-exit-faqs
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