All-grass unit in Leicestershire

Retirement brings a north-east Leicestershire farm to auction as a single lot next month. Grange Farm at Saxby, near Melton Mowbray, is an all-grass Grade 3 holding which stands in a good position and in a ring fence.

The 56ha (139 acres) of land is part traditional ridge and furrow, with Ragdale and Longland series soils, a chalky clay over clay shale. Although currently all pasture, it is suitable for combinable crop production, says agent Ben Shouler, who has set a guide price of £1.3m.

“Ring-fenced farms in this area do not come up very often. This farm has been maintained very well over the years, producing quality beef cattle sold at the local market,” said Mr Shouler.

As well as its traditional four-bedroom 19th century brick farmhouse, there is a good range of traditional brick buildings with more modern cattle and machinery sheds. There is also a mix of traditional and more modern field-based buildings.

The 52.52 units of single farm payment entitlement (worth £312 at pre-modulation 2010 single farm payment rates) will be included in the auction price and transferred at no extra cost to the buyer.

There are no Environmental Stewardship Schemes on Grange Farm, where the sale includes all mineral, timber and sporting rights. (Shouler & Son 01664 560181).