Alltech plans to restore Keenan brand

American animal nutrition specialist Alltech says its purchase of Keenan is part of a plan to expand and get closer to farmers.

The Kentucky-based operation moved quickly to buy Keenan in April after the feed wagon maker went into receivership, sealing the deal within three weeks of first contact.

Alltech has bought 14 businesses, many of them feed related, since 2011.

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“Keenan’s philosophy is very similar to ours,” said new chief executive officer Robbie Walker. “We have grown through buying similar companies in North America.

“We have not done much in Europe yet, but we have a number of purchases lined up. Keenan is very much a UK brand and that is what we wanted to acquire.”

He said Keenan’s market presence needed to be restored, having been damaged during the period prior to the company going into administration.

Re-starting production and re-engaging with suppliers had been hard, especially when dealing with those who had lost money due to the administration.

Some of them were being offered long-term contracts that could help them recoup losses.


The company also needed to re-energise its staff and customer contact, he said. It had reviewed the problems it faced.

“We do still have a lot of innovation – but the perception in the market place might not reflect that at the moment.”

The company is developing a self-drive machine and that could lead to fully automated feeding systems in the future.

“There is a lot of belief in the brand. People are loyal but bruised after a couple of difficult years.

“There is still a lot of good will and enthusiasm there,” said Mr Walker.

He admitted the low prices of livestock commodities and the uncertainty caused by the Brexit referendum vote might slow progress for the moment, but stressed that the company was thinking more long term than that.

Alltech was founded by Irishman Pearse Lyons who still owns the company.

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