Anger over Milk Link news gaffe

MILK LINK‘S recent 0.5p/litre price cut looks set to turn into a public relations nightmare after news reached the media on Tues (Oct 19) before the co-op‘s farmer suppliers were notified on Wed.

“They have lost a huge amount of face,” said one producer from the M5 corridor, who did not want to be named.

“We were gutted when we found out, but it was even worse to find out on somebody else‘s website. Milk Link absolutely denied there had been a cut when I asked them.”

The reasons given by the co-op also were also not convincing, said the farmer.

“Who uses intervention as an excuse these days?”

Neil Cutler, a Milk Link member from Hants, said his faith in the co-op, its farmer directors and management had been severely shaken.

“They are treating the membership with contempt in the way they communicate with them.

“We have kept the faith and entrusted the board with our money (members pay a 0.5p/litre levy to fund investment into processing) but there has been absolutely no indication of when we will get a return on our capital.”