Arla and Milk Link: Top 10 facts

Read our top 10 facts about Arla Foods amba and Milk Link, who announced announced a merger today (22 May).

You can see the where the companies’ dairies are in the UK on the map below.

Milk merger map

Milk Link

  • 1,600 British dairy farmer members
  • Members produce 1.3 billion litre of milk a year
  • 350-400 contract suppliers delivering around 200 million litre milk a year
  • Turnover in 2011 was £628 million
  • Eight processing sites across Great Britain
  • Approximately 1,300 employees
  • The UK’s biggest producer of Cheddar cheese
  • Exports cheese to more  than 20 countries
  • Co-op established in April 2000
  • Produces cheese, long life  milk and cream, flavoured and functional milks, butter and dairy ingredients


  • Processes around 2 billion litres of milk annually
  • Supplies 27% of the total British fresh liquid milk market
  • Employs around 2,700 people in the UK and 17,400 people worldwide
  • Has 5 dairies, 2 cremeries
  • 8,024 Danish, Swedish and German dairy farmers are co-operative members
  • Revenue for 2011 was DKK 54.9 billion, of which 78% was generated from Arla’s core markets in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Finland and the Netherlands
  • Produces butter brands Lurpak and Anchor – Anchor is the UK’s 2nd largest butter brand
  • Produces the UK’s leading milk brand – Cravendale
  • Supplies 27% of the total fresh liquid milk market in Great Britain
  • Supplies 26% of the total sales of packet butter to retailers from its three butter,spreads and margarine
    brands – Lurpak, Anchor and Yorkshire Butter

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