Arla updates packaging to show health benefits of milk

Arla Foods has revamped its milk packaging in a bid to show the public how nutritious milk is.

The new packaging will indicate the fat content of milk, after research found 90% of people in the UK did not know how much fat a pint of milk contained.

The packaging will keep its colour coding to indicate whether it contains whole, semi or skimmed milk, but will include large graphics to clearly show fat content.

Clare Caley, Arla Foods’ product manager for milk and cream, said the public’s concerns over obesity meant highlighting milk’s nutritional information was “vital”.

“Too many messages are communicated on the labels, which give shoppers a muddled message,” she said.

“Traditionally, people shop for milk by colour and pack size, which can often lead to misconceptions surrounding fat values.”

The red tractor logo will also be added to the packaging, which will be available in convenience stores and forecourts.

If it is successful, the new packaging may be rolled out to other retailers.