AtlasFram delivers cost savings to members

AtlasFram Group, the UK’s largest farmer-owned farm inputs purchasing and crop marketing business, achieved a turnover of £149m during its first year of operation.

The group was formed from the merger of Atlas Agriculture and Framlingham Farmers in 2008 and represents over 1000 members farming more than 300,000ha across the UK.

It deals directly with 1400 suppliers and markets over 160,000t of members’ combinable crops.

Addressing the group’s recent annual meeting in East Anglia, chairman Robert Rous said the merger had enabled AtlasFram to offer a wider portfolio of products and services without increasing the cost of membership.

“While turnover is not the ultimate measure of success for a company which exists to purchase farm inputs/services as cheaply as possible, the increasing commitment of our farmer members confirms that we are meeting their requirements and that they want to deal with us,” he added.

Mr Rous said the last financial year was characterised by extreme volatility in farm input and output prices, but the group still achieved a surplus of £132,000, after tax.

“This directly benefits members and has increased group financial reserves to £2.35m, which enables us to negotiate from a position of financial strength.”

AtlasFram chief executive Ian Watson claimed that the group was able to offer its members savings of 8%-21% for crop protection products, up to 10% on feed and 25% for dairy hygiene products, based on survey results over the past year.

“Members also enjoy considerable savings on fertiliser and fuel, together with 5%-11% on cereal seed and up to 20% on maize seed. Additionally, very significant savings are available on machinery, spare parts, feed, together with livestock requisites.”

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