Beef organisations to amalgamate

The two specialist organisations representing Scottish beef farmers are finally in talks about a merger after leading figures described the current situation as “absurd” and “lunacy”.

The Scottish Beef Cattle Association (SBCA) and the National Beef Association Scotland (NBAS) currently do identical political work in Edinburgh, Westminster and Brussels and have been criticised for creating confusion by lobbying separately while looking for the same outcomes.

The SBCA has written to members of the NBA’s Scottish Council to call for unity.

NBAS council member, John Don said: “The absurd situation in Scotland having two bodies claiming that they represent the Scottish beef industry must come to an end. Past prejudices and personal interest must be put aside so that a powerful single body is in place to represent Scottish beef producers more effectively.”

And former NFU Scotland president Jim Walker said it was lunacy to have two competing organisations.

He added: “In my experience the ordinary hard working beef farmers of Scotland, whether in the SBCA or NBA don’t give a damn about committees or personalities and they certainly aren’t interested in political in-fighting in any organisation.

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