Big rise in cheese and butter exports

Cheese and butter exports increased markedly in the first seven months of this year, rising by 9,276t and 2,762t respectively. That was an increase of 40% for butter and 15% for cheese against the same period last year, according to a report by DairyCo.

“Cheddar exports, both to the EU and world markets, accounted for most of the growth, up by 4,005t (21%). Exports of ‘other’ cheese (used for pizza toppings and curd cheese) accounted for 2,966t of the increase. Territorial cheese exports fell by 8% over the year, to 890t.”

More than three-quarters of the growth in butter sales was down to bulk butter exports to EU markets, with the rest being packet sales to the EU and bulk sales to the world market. “Packet exports to world markets fell by 18% over the year.”

In July, cheese exports were 2.5% lower than June, at 9,413t, but were still 18% higher than July 2010. Butter shipments in July reached 1,340t – a 364% increase on the year.

Cumulative milk production is 0.8% higher than last year, at 6.9bn litres, with September deliveries 2.4% lower, at 1bn litres.