Biogen acquires Greenfinch engineering company

Bedfordshire-based anaerobic digestion specialist, Biogen, has acquired the engineering company, Greenfinch, it has been announced.

The new company, called BiogenGreenfinch, secured £18m of funding from parent company, the Bedfordia Group, in order to develop the business.

“The consolidation of two such complementary businesses enables a significant increase in R&D investment, improving further on the second generation AD plant currently under construction and ten further plants in development,” Dan Poulson, CEO of BiogenGreenfinch said.

Greenfinch provides anaerobic digestion technology and designed, built and is now operating Biogen’s south Shropshire biodigester, which was the first of its kind in the UK to process source-separated municipal kitchen waste into biogas and a biofertiliser.

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