BPEX agrees new grants

FOLLOWING THE successful launch of the Supply Chain Grant over two years ago, the British Pig Executive (BPEX) has just agreed nine new grants totalling £246,000.

These grants are designed to develop links between primary producers, meat processors and the retail sector with the aim of adding value to producers‘ returns.

One of the earliest success stories was the development of the George Adams LincPork scheme.

The LincPork brand is now exclusive to the supermarket and convenient store retailer Budgens. 

Each LincPork pig has a benchmark value around £1.30 above commercial levels, of which £1 is passed back to the producer.

The nine new supply chain grants are funded with levy payers‘ money and the scheme has the strong support of the National Pig Association.

New grants will assist in the development of ranges of sausage, bacon and ham supplies from locally sourced pork and to distribute these through established customers as well as new food service and retail users.

Further initiatives to set up gilt only supplies of slaughter pigs and British Quality Assured Pork (BQAP) are included within the nine new grants.

Grant amounts range from £10,000 for smaller producers looking to develop farmers market and other regional outlets to £60,000 awarded to Bowes of Norfolk to develop the sale of BQAP into the food service and catering sector.