BPEX professional manager development scheme

BPEX is seeking applicants for its first Professional Manager Development Scheme.

The programme, which is run in conjunction with Cedar Associates, is aimed at people already in management who are looking to engage in professional development, says Tess Howe, BPEX Skills Development Manager.

“Over the 18-month programme, participants will complete a range of training session designed to broaden their management skills and knowledge, while continuing their usual role in the work place.”

The programme aims to develop the skills and abilities of future managers, improve understanding and communication throughout the production chain and raise the level of professionalism throughout the industry.

“Practical scenarios, work-based assignments and discussions with Allied industry will help reinforce the theoretical side of the course,” she says.

And by successfully completing the course, participants will gain an Institute and Management Certificate in First Line Management.

The selection panel will look for individuals already in a role of responsibility. “They will also seek a balanced group that can learn from each other and show commitment to benefiting the skills learnt,” says Ms Howe.

A training session will be held every eight weeks for 18 months. Each session will start in the evening with dinner and a speaker, followed by a day of training.

Applications can be downloaded from www.bpex.org.uk and must be submitted by 16 September.