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How biostimulants can get crops resilient and ready

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Interagro (UK) Ltd is a leading manufacturer of tank-mix adjuvants, water conditioners and biostimulants that help farmers achieve more sustainable and profitable food production through superior plant health.

Improving the resilience and readiness of crops for the challenges of the spring growing season is becoming increasingly crucial for profitable harvests, with biostimulant seed treatments having a crucial role to play.

Prepare spring crops

Preparing crops for spring involves a combination of planning, soil preparation, selecting resilient crop varieties and implementing appropriate cultivation practices.

Treating seed with biostimulant seed treatment Newton can also play a significant role in enhancing crop resilience and readiness for the spring season, here’s how:

  1. Improved germination and emergence

Newton contains plant signalling peptides which stimulate faster germination compared to naked seed (by up to 2 days) and chemical seed treatments (by 4-5 days over a single purpose dressing like Beret Gold).

This ensures a stronger start for the crop, allowing it to establish quickly and compete more effectively with weeds.

Seeded field

  1. Enhanced root development

Stimulating rooting more effectively than many other seed treatments on the market, Newton creates a more expansive and robust root system, enabling plants to access water and nutrients more efficiently.

Crucially, research, field studies and farmer experience shows that Newton enhances the ability of crops to withstand periods of drought and nutrient stress.

Improved rooting also has implications for crop anchorage and also tillering in barley. In beans, increased root nodulation of up to +66% supports nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

  1. Increased stress tolerance

Newton helps plants cope with various environmental stresses, including temperature fluctuations and drought.

By treating seed with Newton, crops demonstrate improved frost heave resilience and are better equipped to withstand periods of reduced rainfall often encountered during the spring growing season.

  1. Increased yield potential

By promoting healthier plant growth and improving stress tolerance, Newton can ultimately lead to higher crop yields.

This is particularly beneficial during the critical spring growing season when favourable weather conditions are essential for maximising productivity.

Small plot trials and tramline trials have shown yield increases with Newton of up to 10% in spring cereals.

  1. Reduced environmental impact

Sourced exclusively from plants, Newton is the natural alternative to chemical seed dressings and therefore supports more environmentally-friendly farming practices.

It is also verified for use in organic systems by the Soil Association and is permitted for unrestricted use by Organic Farmers and Growers.

Optimising plant health from day one – by priming seeds rather than treating plants – is the best time in the growing season to build plant health and can help minimise the need for follow up synthetic fertilisers and crop protection inputs.

  1. Easy to apply and compatible with other inputs

Newton is recommended in winter and spring cereals, peas and beans and should be applied to seed prior to planting, like a chemical seed dressing.

It is extremely flexible and can be co-applied with other inputs you wish to apply to the seed, making it a convenient option for farmers looking to enhance crop resilience and readiness without significant additional cost or effort. 

It can be applied to your home saved seed by a mobile seed treater or request Newton seed treatment when ordering your new seed.

What’s more, the excellent shelf life of up to 12 months on the seed, means if drilling gets delayed you’ve not spent out unnecessarily as you’ll seed will still benefit later.

Plant health is everything

Stimulate your crops to thrive. Watch this short 2 minute video on how Newton could benefit your crops this spring.


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