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Sustainable technology advancement meets real-life proven solutions

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Agrifac aims to meet global food demands sustainably and efficiently, using innovative sprayers that boost yields and minimize environmental harm, ensuring safety and higher productivity for growers.

Sustainability is currently at the core of all conversations on a global scale.

Consumers, politicians and food producers alike are searching for solutions to combat the future need for sustainable production, whilst being mindful of the environment, ecology and wider global impact for future generations.

Rates of global population are increasing, but this isn’t breaking news, rather another challenge that farmers and growers alike must adapt to.

Producing increased yields on existing farmland, whilst reducing our agricultural footprint; this is the grower’s dream.

It is also the mission objective at the heart of all innovation advancement at Agrifac, which has been at the forefront of both machine and technology production since manufacturing began.

Outside Factory

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Sustainability at the core of manufacturing

As well as being committed to ensuring machinery is manufactured to offer the customer complete futureproofing of their sprayer operations, Agrifac’s sustainability promise does not stop there.

In 2020, Agrifac scooped the award for ‘Most sustainable factory in Europe’, as the building was determined as a “zero on the meter” (NOM) factory.

This means that the solar panels have generated more energy than Agrifac has used.

The results of the rainwater collection tank (50m3) are now also clear. All Condor sprayers are tested with this “grey water” and it is used for flushing toilets.

In short, measured over 12 months since the new factory was opened in 2018, the Agrifac factory operates as a self-sufficient premises, even supplying the local town with surplus energy, with a much lower impact on the environment.

4e’s for growers concept

Issues such as climate change, water scarcity, land degradation, deforestation and other processes have a major impact on our environment.

Sustainable agriculture ensures that we have solutions now and for the future to continue to provide for the growing world population.

To reach our sustainable farming goals, Agrifac developed the 4e’s for growers’ concept, of which their machinery is manufactured in line with:

  • Efficiency
  • Economy
  • Ergonomics
  • Ecology

Development according to our 4e’s for growers’ concept means that efficiency, economy, ergonomic design and ecology are leading in the design and development of our products.

These developments are not only innovative and sustainable but also very user friendly.

Sprayer in crop field

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Precise chemical application

It could be argued that using chemicals is not aiding in sustainability, however if we do not protect our crops, we will not achieve our aim of feeding the rising global population.

What can we do to ensure that we are working in the most sustainable way possible which helps eliminate this argument? Spray only where it is needed, of course.

Sprayer specialists at Agrifac have developed solutions to ensure that every drop hits the right spot, under all conditions, for all customer types, and all whilst ensuring the 4e’s for growers’ sustainability concept is in mind.

StrictHeightPlus: Agrifac’s boom height system, controlled at the flick of a switch.

Cameras mounted along the width of the boom better understands the terrain, preventing damage to the crop and results in perfect spraying quality because the boom stays at the right, pre-set height.

Spray drift is limited by setting the boom at a more targeted height, which will follow the terrain too, ensuring that the chemical being applied will enter the crop canopy exactly where it is needed.

StrictSprayPlus: Agrifac’s PWM system was designed to improve accuracy and slash chemical costs.

Allowing for individual nozzle control, overlap and turn compensation, plus quick, real-time flow rate changes while minimally impacting droplet size.

In short, this technology helps ensure spraying efforts are efficient, precisely on target and consistent across the field, resulting in higher average yields everywhere in the field.

Take a look at exactly how precise StrictSprayPlus allows you to spray, with our Mona Lisa painting in the snow of February 2021 (below).

Agrifac We are ready are you field

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HighTechAirPlus: The solution to gain more spray days. HighTechAirPlus combines traditional spraying along with air assistance in the nozzles; delivering the liquid exactly where it needs to be applied into the crop canopy using combined pressure, therefore eliminating the elements of wind and increasing efficiency.

AiCPlus: The most recent of all Agrifac innovations; spot spraying via RGB cameras, based on the size, shape and colour of a plant.

Spray only where it is needed whilst dramatically reducing chemical costs, with AiCPlus. This innovative system works using a complicated algorithm which firstly gathers the data, then sorts and labels it.

All in-house developed technologies from Agrifac can be fully integrated with each other to guarantee the most precise application, contributes to the sustainability efforts of the grower and ensures that every drop hits the right spot.

Sustainable, futureproof machines

During a recent customer visit, Tom Newton from J Porter and Son, who have been reaping rewards from several Agrifac technologies, not only noticed the benefits from the yield.

The technologies prove to ensure longevity of sprayer components too.

Tom said: “In seven years of running our Condor, I never once replaced a nozzle or had a blocked nozzle.

“Nozzle technology is developing but the time consumed by changing nozzles and suffering from blockages can be costly.

“I can use one nozzle for everything with HighTechAirPlus (HTA) from Agrifac, and in 7 years, they were still producing the same output as they did on day one.

I am surprised there’s not more users of HTA in the UK – we wouldn’t be without it now.”

Man next to sprayer

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As well as longevity of components, Agrifac crop sprayers are built with the Cummins B6.7

Performance Series engine at the heart of the machine; fully certified to the latest EU Stage V emission standards.

Rated at either 149 kW or 212 kW, the Cummins engine meets Stage V without the need for exhaust gas recirculation.

Its Single Module™ aftertreatment combines DOC, DPF and SCR, and is up to 40% smaller and 20% lighter than Cummins’ previous system.

Cummins B6.7 engine features optimised fuel economy and longer maintenance intervals offering low cost of operation, as well as reduced total cost of ownership for farmers.

In addition, Cummins in-house Holset® VGT™ turbocharging technology sets the industry standard for reliability, durability and increased productivity.

Find out more about Agrifac’s sustainability mission, and learn about how they develop sustainable spraying innovations at: