Business Clinic: Claiming VAT on building conversion costs

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Here, Craig Tolliday, associate with accountant Azets advises on how trusts can protect assets and in some cases save tax.

Can a farmer converting a farm building into residential accommodation with the intention of selling it recover the input VAT on the conversion through the farm VAT returns? Would the sale be zero-rated and therefore input VAT fully recoverable?

VAT on conversions can be a complex area. In most circumstances the sale of a building that is not new would be exempt from VAT, which would prevent the recovery of VAT on any conversion costs.

However, the sale of a non-residential building following its conversion to a dwelling can be a zero-rated supply. This would then allow for recovery of VAT on any conversion costs.

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In this instance, to zero-rate the supply, the following basic conditions need to be met:

  1. You grant a major interest in a building (typically the freehold or a lease for a term exceeding 21 years).
  2. The building is the subject of a ‘non-residential conversion’ (this is typically when the building being converted has never been used as a dwelling. HMRC guidance specifically gives examples of such buildings, which includes an agricultural building such as a barn).
  3. The building is not converted into a holiday home (typically this is where the purchaser is prevented from residing in the accommodation throughout the year, or as their principle private residence, by the terms of a covenant or planning restriction).
  4. You have ‘person converting’ status (this usually means that you physically converted, or commissioned another person to physically convert, a building that you own or have an interest in).
  5. The grant of a major interest is your first grant (i.e. only the initial sale, or long lease, of the building can be zero-rated).
  6. Where necessary, you hold a valid certificate (only relevant for specific categories of buildings).

The above is a very brief outline, and within HMRC’s guidance (VAT Notice 708) you can find much more detailed information about the various conditions which need to be met.

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