Cattle farmer injured by livestock airlifted to hospital

A 59-year-old Scottish farmer has been airlifted to hospital after being seriously injured by an animal.

The man was found badly hurt in a field at Upper Benwells Farm in Maud, Aberdeenshire, on Friday (8 March).

Police and firefighters were called at 7.14am. The man was assessed at the scene by paramedics before an air ambulance was called in from Glasgow.

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The farmer was transferred to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and is reportedly in a stable condition.

The Health and Safety Executive is aware of the incident and is currently liaising with Police Scotland.

Cattle handling safety advice

  • Watch for warning signs of animal aggression, especially in cows and heifers around calving time
  • Work out an escape route or refuge in advance of handling livestock
  • Be careful around cows and heifers with newborn calves
  • Remember that cows that are on heat are unpredictable
  • Where possible, use a head gate to restrain a cow or heifer when checking the calf
  • Have help available when calving a cow or heifer
  • Keep cattle calm when working with them
  • Protect yourself against disease with proper personal hygiene

Source: Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland