LEAF launches board initiative

LINKING ENVIRONMENT and Farming (LEAF) is offering farmers an opportunity to get hold of a series of sturdy information boards setting out to the public simply and clearly what they do and why they do it. 

The boards, which can be tailored to individual farms, cover 30 key areas of farming practice including cropping, animal welfare, fertilisers, energy use, hedges and ponds.
Guy Smith, Essex farmer and a key mover behind the All on Board initiative explained that it was partly inspired by seeing information boards in nature reserves.

He noticed that the board had three functions: to inform the visitor, to promote the work that is being done by the landowner and to help keep people on access routes.

“It struck me that similar notice boards on farms could be invaluable for farmers who were wrestling with issues of public access on farms and with the challenge of explaining how CAP expenditure enables farmers to manage the countryside for the good of all.

“These boards enable farmers to send out a clear message- farmers care for the British countryside, produce wholesome, safe food and contribute to a thriving rural economy.  

“Above all, we are proud of what we do.”

All On Board is a key part of LEAF’s overall Speak Out campaign, launched two years ago to get farmers to shout about all that is good about British Farming. 

Since it was launched in 2003, hundreds of farmers have received Speak Out training and even more have bought the Speak Out Tool Kit. 

Roly Puzey, LEAF’s farms liaison manager said: “We have developed a series of thirty attractive, sturdy and easy to use notice boards to suit most farming situations. 

“Farmers who want to modify the boards to suit their own individual circumstances will be able to log onto the LEAF website and create their own boards on-line.”

For more information, photos or to order a set of boards contact LEAF by Tel: 02476 413911 or email: enquiries@leafuk.org

The basic cost of the boards is £5 each plus postage and packaging, although the cost falls to £2/board if more than 20 are ordered.