Photos: Driver cheats death as livestock truck rolls over

Livestock lorry crash

© Brentwood Gazette

A motorist has had a miraculous escape after an articulated livestock transporter rolled on to his car, almost totally crushing it. But 127 of the 400 sheep on board were killed.

The HGV was negotiating a roundabout in Brentwood, Essex, on 14 July when it rolled over flattening a Vauxhall Insignia and trapping its driver.

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Livestock lorry crash

Expecting to find many major injuries East of England Ambulance Service despatched a fleet of vehicles – the Essex Air Ambulance, two Hazardous Area Response Team ambulances, two of their rapid response vehicles, two normal ambulances and one paramedic officer.

Livestock trailer crash

Firefighters fought for 30 minutes to free the driver, believed to be a man in his 50s, and used cutting equipment to remove the crushed roof.

But although the driver had complained of neck, back and chest pain during the rescue, the emergency services found he had suffered only cuts and bruises.

Livestock trailer

Sadly, the fire service reported that 120 of the 400 sheep on the lorry had died in the crash.

Assistant divisional officer for Essex Fire and Rescue Service, Craig McLellan, said: “Unfortunately 120 sheep in the HGV died following the collision.

Livestock trailer crash

“The sheep that survived were taken to a paddock to get over their ordeal.”

Officer McLellan added: “Firefighters used specialist equipment from the animal rescue unit and the urban search and rescue pod and worked alongside a vehicle recovery company to carry out the rescue operations.”

Police say they are investigating the circumstances leading up to the crash.

Livestock trailer crash