Safety campaign checks more than 1,000 trailers

A farm safety campaign launched in memory of a teenager who died in a fatal road accident has now checked more than 1,000 agricultural trailers.

Harry Christian-Allan, 19, died after a tractor-trailer’s brakes failed and he hit a bridge in Cambridgeshire in 2014.

Named after his beloved dog, the Tilly Your Trailer campaign was launched to encourage farmers to get their trailers serviced – and to perform daily checks.

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The initiative is supported by Cambridgeshire police and the Health and Safety Executive

A distinctive sticker is displayed on trailers checked and serviced by a qualified mechanic so drivers know the equipment is safe.

Each sticker includes the machinery’s chassis number, while trailer owners will also receive a certificate to verify their equipment’s safety.

Tilly your Trailer sticker

Farmers are encouraged to check trailer lights and handbrakes – and to ensure tyres have legal tread depth and no cuts on them.

A further 400 trailers are in the process of being checked ahead of this harvest.

Drivers are also being encouraged to check farm trailers that never go on the road – including trailers only used during harvest for grain carting.

For full details, visit the Tilly Pass website, Twitter @tilly-trailer, or Facebook.