Two cows killed in West Sussex car crash

Two cows were killed when cars collided with a herd that had strayed on to a road after escaping from a nearby field.

The herd of 30 cows wandered on to the A280 road at Angmering, West Sussex, on Wednesday night (29 January).

The drivers of two cars that collided with the cows were hurt in the accident and were taken to Worthing hospital and treated for minor injuries.

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The cows escaped through a gate in a field belonging to Ecclesdon Farm in Angmering. The farmer said he had work to do to secure the gate to avoid any future accidents.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “At 9.45pm on Wednesday night, two cars on the A280 at Angmering, near Littlehampton, were in collision with a herd of about 30 cows which had strayed on to the road from a nearby field.

“The drivers of the cars were taken to Worthing Hospital to be treated for injuries which were not assessed as serious.

“Two cows were killed in the collision. The cows were herded back by police, the farmer, and a passer-by, and the road was reopened again about two hours later.”