Business Outlook 2012: Agricultural policy developments

The most prominent policy issue for farmers over the coming two years will be CAP reform.

With budgets tight, it is becoming more important to justify to European taxpayers the large sums being paid through the CAP, says Caroline Ingamells of Andersons.

“It currently accounts for about 40% of the overall EU Budget. Proposals for the 2014-2020 budget would only see this fall slightly, to nearer 36%, seemingly a good outcome for the EU farmers.”

However, this is based on overall EU spending increasing, she says. Considering the financial crisis, the budget may be revised lower, almost certainly further reducing farm support.

The main points of the draft proposals announced in November are:

• A set of new direct aid schemes will replace the existing Single Payment Scheme

• Existing entitlements will be replaced by Basic Payment Scheme entitlements

• The historic payment method will be phased out over five years

• 30% of direct payments will be conditional on producers undertaking greening measures

• Direct aid payments to larger claimants would be capped with reductions starting at €150,000 and no payment would be made above €300,000

• Exempting greening element and allowing for salaried labour will limit effects of capping

All devolved regions will have to draw up new Rural Development Programmes for implementation after 2013, so there is scope for profound changes, says Ms Ingamells. There will be an increasing focus on schemes to combat climate change and to increase the competitiveness of farming.

Andersons’ Outlook

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