Business Outlook 2012: Pigs

Several factors could help support finished pig prices in 2012, maintaining recent market improvements, says Andersons consultant Greg Ricketts.

“The export market could provide a boost as the partial stalls ban comes into effect in the EU in 2013. Many Continental producers are struggling to comply due to low profitability and restricted bank lending and many are expected to reduce production or exit altogether before 2013.”

Forecasts for EU pig slaughterings show a fall of 1.3% in the second quarter of 2012, on a predicted drop in sow numbers. This could mean a reduction of 2.1m tonnes of pig meat on the EU market.

China’s agreement to accept UK exports could be worth as much as £40m a year and BPEX has increased its promotion ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games. “Domestically, demand should be reasonably strong as consumers turn from more expensive meats such as beef and lamb to pork.”

Prices have begun to show signs of improvement. Since its peak in July of 152.9p/kg the DAPP fell by 8.4p in three months. It has since risen marginally due to better spot demand. While the supply of clean pigs is above year-ago levels, as Christmas approaches demand from processors is increasing.

However, weaner prices fell during the autumn as the prospects for market improvements receded, down 11% on the year.

“Feed prices are likely to remain a big issue. Although cereals prices have weakened this may not quickly translate into lower costs of production. Many feed companies will have made forward purchases and the prices of non-cereals products in rations have generally not fallen greatly.”

• Partial stall ban should boost export demand

• EU slaughterings predicted to fall

• China’s demand rising

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