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Cefetra – supporting farmers with strategic grain facility

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Cefetra is a major trader of grains and animal feed raw materials in the UK and Ireland. Handling 5 million tonnes annually with a turnover of £1 billion. Head office is in Glasgow with a number of regional offices throughout the UK. Cefetra has long term arrangements with import and export facilities at strategic locations in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

In 2015 the company bought Wessex Grain and established its grain origination business, Cefetra Grain. The company now has a sizeable presence in sourcing and marketing domestic grains with an infrastructure of grain buying teams and storage facilities across the UK.

Cefetra is a very strong customer focused marketing organisation with a broad portfolio of products across a broad range.

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During a period of time when the subject of security of food supply is so important, one company is continuing to strengthen the food and feed supply chain in this country and across Europe.

Cefetra Grain has signed a long-term agreement with Great Tew Grain Processing, part of the Great Tew Estate in Oxfordshire, commencing this summer that will see it become a key grain processing facility.

What’s critical about this partnership is the Great Tew site itself

The extensive facility has a capacity of 58,000 tonnes across 14 bays together with comprehensive drying, cleaning and grain analysis services.

Centrally located to support local arable farmers and a number of Cefetra’s customers, the grain facility will become one of the company’s nationwide networks of strategic stores.

Simon Wilcox, Cefetra Grain’s Farm Grain Origination Manager said “We are delighted to have signed this agreement with the Great Tew Estate.

As a business we are growing rapidly, building long term relationships, and working with farmers across the UK, in order to secure grain for our customers both domestically and across Europe.”

Nicholas Johnston, owner of the Great Tew Estate, said “We are very pleased to be working in partnership with Cefetra Grain. We believe they are the right long-term partner and will work with us to strengthen our role as a key grain processing facility in the region.

Andrew Mackay, Managing Director of Cefetra said “As a business we are pleased that the Cefetra Grain Team have succeeded in adding Great Tew as a long-term strategic store to our nationwide network of facilities.

In these difficult times, we are acutely aware of the responsibility we have as a business to keep the supply chain for food and feed in this country functioning.

We believe that Great Tew will enhance our capabilities in this respect and in the service we can provide to our customers, both farmers and consumers.”

Cefetra Grain also owns Premium Crops who offer contracts on a range of speciality crops.

As such, Cefetra Grain, together with Premium Crops, are able to offer a comprehensive range of contracts for all crops.

Both businesses will be intaking a range of commodities into the facility and are keen to work with local farmers, offering them full access to this grain processing site with the benefit of their comprehensive marketing support, an independent view and tailormade efficient solutions.