Center Parcs pioneer seeks green areas to establish luxury farm camping sites

The man who launched Center Parcs holidays in the UK is looking for farms to establish luxury camping sites, offering top-end “back to nature” getaways.

Luite Moraal is looking for at least six new sites to expand his Feather Down Farms business model, which has taken off in Holland and is already enjoying success on four farms in this country.

The holidays are aimed at professional, double-income families who are aware of the environment and who want a break that gives them an “experience” and has educational value.

Visitors pay around £185 for a four-day stay in a luxury tent with a wood-burning stove that is fully furnished in a style reminiscent of country life in the 1930s. The holidays are sold as “ethical eco-friendly breaks set within the natural rhythm of the countryside”.


Mr Moraal said it was a diversification that fitted well with a working farm and it took minimal investment from the existing business. He finances the tents and takes care of booking and marketing. The farmer’s role is to act as host to his visitors.

“We are looking for another six sites for 2007 but after that we will try to expand again,” he told FWi. “There could be as many as 20-30 Feather Down Farms over time.”

Mr Moraal said a farm with five units and an average occupancy could earn an income of about £15,000/year.

The first Feather Down Farm in Britain opened in August 2005 at Manor Farm, West Worldham, Hampshire. Farms have also recently been signed up in Somerset, Worcester and Wales.



  • Must be a working farm
  • Within reasonable proximity to a large population
  • Countryside must be pretty/have character
  • Small and mid-scale farms preferred
  • Farmers must be passionate guardians of the countryside
  • Areas of particular interest include Cornwall, north east and north west England.
  • To learn more send an e-mail with a brief description of your farm, location and yourselves to or phone David Goodey on 07802 930 711

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