Cereals and oilseeds

Like the chairman of the other sector companies, Jonathan Tipples is resolute in his determination that growers will notice no immediate difference to the services they receive following the demise of the Home-Grown Cereals Authority.

Over the past few years, the HGCA had carried out a number of reviews and consultations with levy payers and other interested parties to establish that what it was delivering was what was wanted and appropriate, he said.

“With that in mind, the new cereal and oilseed board decided that – due to the tight timescale – it would not be possible to re-evaluate everything we do and that it would be sensible to continue with ‘business as usual’ for the first year.”

The principle priority for the levy board in the next few months would be to design the structure of the new organisation, remembering that all the staff would eventually be located in one building at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire.

“This will allow us to develop as a single body without losing the sector functions that deliver services to levy payers,” said Mr Tipples.

“We have exceptional staff at HGCA and I am keen to see the new structure emerge as soon as possible.”

The priority for the new company – somewhat confusingly known as HGCA Ltd and retaining the old HGCA logo – is to get to grips with its relationship with the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board and its business plans for the next two years.

“We intend to review what we currently deliver along with the representation and structure of our advisory committees,” Mr Tipples said.

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