Christmas geese on target despite grass quality problems

The festive season is fast approaching and one goose producer is positive despite seeing problems with grass quality.

Over the last few years goose has grown in popularity and it is now more frequently seen on menus in local restaurants.

Eddie Hegarty, farm manager at Norfolk Geese said at the annual goose walk on 11 October: “The last two years have been a sell out, a real eye opener.”

Mr Hegarty spoke about demand being so high last year, he was receiving last minute phone calls from restaurant owners around the country needing help trying to source geese.

Norfolk Geese is running 98 geese this year compared to 70 last year, to cope with the increase in popularity.

He reported there were a few problems with feeding as the grass quality is not as good as last year. And he is hoping for an early cold snap of weather to get the geese to feed more and gain weight.

Mr Hegarty was very positive on his outlook for Christmas 2007 and said: “The signs are good for this year. If you can’t sell it, I will.”

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