Commercial contenders – Land Rover Defender

Land Rover 90TDCi Commercial

Engine 2.4-litre 120hp engine finally makes what was traditionally a lumbering beast into something that is surprisingly perky. It’s not a car to take on the local boy racers with, but has considerable get up and go that allows you to make good progress across country roads.

land rover defender interior

Gearbox Six-speed gearbox (who would ever have thought we’d see that on a Defender?) is smoother than you’d expect and the engine’s flexibility means you can pull away in 5th gear from 40mph quite happily. A 90mph cruise can be kept up at just 2500 engine rpm, not exactly relaxed or fuel-sippin’, but you can do it.

Noise Despite refinements, you’re still very aware of the closeness of the engine. If you like the sound of the 2.4-litre powerplant (which we do) great, if not, buy something else.

land rover defender back door

Cab comfort Kit (air-con, CD player, electric windows, etc) is all there, but it’s still like driving a small military vehicle. The narrow, sit-up-and-beg seats, post-box view and controls that look like they were fired at the dashboard with a shotgun divide the nation into two. You either love it like your favourite dog or hate it like George Bush.

Load area The ideal place for shoving mucky stuff. Flat floor and no-nonsense rubber mat mean you can pressure wash it out and the boxed-in wheel arches give (probably illegal) extra seating for short trips around the farm. Six substantial lashing hooks look the business.

Load area dimensions 120cm long. Width 145cm at widest, 92cm at narrowest. Height 115cm. Loading height 72cm.

land rover defender loadspace



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