Consumer comments show shoppers’ support for dairy

Dozens of consumers have left comments on Farmers Weekly‘s Facebook page, voicing their support for British dairy farmers.

A recurrent problem seems to be a lack of information – many consumers are saying they don’t understand why farmers don’t charge a higher price, unaware of the power that supermarkets wield over milk contracts.

Other questions that crop up frequently are “Well where CAN I buy milk that gives farmers a fair deal?” and “Why do farmers continue to do it when they are making no money?”

Despite the odd critic the overwhelming message is one of consumer support, with many shoppers saying they’d be prepared to pay more to ensure a fair deal for farmers.

Read a selection of their comments below and leave your own on Farmers Weekly‘s Facebook page.

Major thoughts and support to all the hardworking farmers out there and a huge thank you for keeping going in such awful situations so I can have milk on my cereal. I’d do anything I could to try and boost your profits.
Zoe Louise Smith

I am a geography teacher – we are going to put these [posters] up in our classrooms as part of our economic activity work – I encourage others to do the same. Never underestimate the power of teenagers if they shop with you.
Caroline Smyth

Where can we buy milk that gives the farmers a fair deal? There is a farmers market that has a stall near me but that’s once a week on a Friday afternoon. Not much use if you are working.
Chris Hanson

I LOVE milk and wish I could do something to help farmers. It is the supermarket buying powers that dictate the drive down in prices. What’s needed is legislation from the government to set minimum prices of supply. Otherwise we need other legislation that will protect the farmers. Right now though convenience consumerism is helping drive the profit into the pockets of the bigs boys leaving the farmers out of pocket.
Christina Svendsen

So a farmer spends 68p to produce milk and then sell it for 56p? Sorry guys but tell us whole story, as if this happens farmers would go bankrupt in one day.
Jozef Tomcik

I’ve started reading some articles from the Grocer on this, I’m actually quite disappointed at the situation, almost impossible to understand how it got this way in the first place. Best of luck to the farmers!
Amir Gehl

As a consumer, I too have seen the cost of milk go up loads in the last ten years and I don’t want to pay more for it. It’s the chain that needs to change and not consumers’ attitudes. We shouldn’t have to pay more and farmers should make a profit. It all comes down to percentages and the greed of the middlemen and the supermarkets.
James Hankins

Can someone tell me what we as consumers can do? As I see it we have to pay what the supermarket want to charge – we can’t stand at the checkout and demand to pay more and insist that the supermarket passes the money on to the farmer. Someone suggested getting milk delivered by a milkman, but I’m not sure that the extra cost of that milk is passed on to the farmers – I’ve always assumed it goes towards the delivery costs. I’d happily pay more for milk if I knew that the extra money was being passed back to the farmers.
David Turner

I’m all for fair prices for farmers, but at a cost to the supermarkets not the consumers! We go through a vast amount of milk in our house, which would add £10 to the cost if we bought from the milkman. Farmers need more, but it should be the supermarkets that pay the difference.
Stephanie Yeadon

I’d pay more. I think what’s being done to all farmers, not just dairy farmers, is pretty bloody awful.
Sue Tir Nan Og

On our last shopping trip we paid the extra and bought Yeo Valley, as they seem to have a good ethos around supporting British farmers. Can any dairy farmers confirm if this is the case? And is changing our buying habits in this way going to support dairy farmers? Gotta be honest, I’m not fussed about buying organic, but don’t want my bowl of cereal to be possibly at someone else’s expense.
Paul Woods

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