Dairy Spares offers pest-proof calf feeder

Dairy Spares has introduced a unique new type of calf feeder which prevents rain from spoiling feed, and stops pests such as birds and rats from stealing the food.


The Milk Bar Meal Saver has a lid each side of the trough, which operates on a counter balance system. Calves are easily trained to lift the lids with their noses, ensuring 24 hour access to feed which is kept in a dry and edible state. Pest-proof vents allow the smell of feed to reach the calves and motivate them to open the lids.

The feeder is 1.2m long and 80cm wide and holds up to 150kg of feed. Each one is suitable for feeding up to 12 weaned calves. Fitted with skids, they are suitable for towing, and cost £650+ VAT each.

For more information on the Milk Bar Meal Saver and the rest of the Milk Bar range of feeders, farmers can contact Dairy Spares on 01948 667 676 or visit www.dairyspares.co.uk.

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