DEFRA report puts Britain’s food sector in the spotlight

Food statistics, which will influence the government’s upcoming food policy “vision” on food security, have been released.

The annual compendium of food statistics, released by DEFRA, look at food safety, the environmental impact of UK food production and agricultures contribution to the economy.

The statistics revealed the food sector created 22% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions last year, with agriculture responsible for one-third of those.

They also showed shoppers’ habits have changed, with the credit crunch damaging customers’ willingness to pay a premium on food.

The threat of recession led to a fall in the number of people who would pay more for logo foods, such as free-range and organic, but shoppers were still willing to pay a premium for local and fairtrade food, the report said.

The figures also revealed that the average family spends £29.55 per person per week on food, £8 of which is spent eating out.

Farming minister Jane Kennedy said the statistics provided a definitive picture of how food affects poeple’s lives.

“They will make an important contribution to the government’s forthcoming food policy vision,” she added.

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