DFB encourages young dairy farmers

A new organisation encouraging young talent to take a leading role in the dairy industry was launched by Dairy Farmers of Britain at this week’s Dairy Event.

Evolution is open to all members of the co-op aged between 18 and 30. David Johnson, a DFB council member, said: “We believe there are plenty of enthusiastic, dedicated and talented young people entering the industry.

“The future depends on the success of these young people, and that is why we want to make sure that the next generation of dairy farmers is properly equipped to be successful in tomorrow’s industry.”

The scheme will offer educational programmes, from on-farm topics like seasonality and milk quality to wider reaching subjects covering the rest of the dairy industry.

It will encourage younger members to take a more active role in helping to run DFB. They will have the chance to become associate members of the Member Council, DFB’s governing body.

Evolution will also develop the best young farmers, providing them with the necessary training to become district chairmen or directors.

A spokesman said Evolution had got off to a good start. Over 200 people signed up ahead of the official launch after responding to flyers sent out with last month’s milk cheques.


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