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Diversify your land and earn a fixed income with solar energy

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Obton has been part of the solar PV business for more than 10 years. This means that we have accumulated unique knowledge about the many processes that belong to development, investment, financing and operation of solar PV systems parks.

There’s a fruitful opportunity waiting for landowners and farmers who are looking to utilise or diversify a portion of their land.

It also comes with the added benefit of securing a long-term fixed income and contributing to the UK’s climate fight through supplying clean energy.

Solar energy developer Obton is looking to work with landowners across the UK who have over 50 acres to develop solar farms.

These solar farms will create sustainable and clean energy for approximately 40 to 50 years, meaning lease agreements can span several decades.

This financial security allows landowners and farmers to implement strategies to future-proof their land.

Obton is interested in engaging with landowners in all areas that have good grid access and a positive profile from a planning perspective, but are happy to review any lands to assess the viability of a solar project.

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Enabling farmers and landowners to diversify their land for a sustainable future, while securing a long-term, fixed income.

Across Britain, farmers are swapping the often complex and labour-intensive land maintenance work to instead enable the production of clean and sustainable energy.

They can now reassess the nature of their farm and business, while securing a long-term fixed income regardless of changes to weather, taxes and tariffs.

For some, it means understanding the future direction of their farm and future-proofing their business, for others it means securing a retirement plan for the years to come.

Whether this is a long-term plan or a shorter-term endeavour, the health of the land is never compromised.

As the ground under the solar panels is left fallow for the duration of the lease agreement, it gives this land the opportunity to rebalance, replenish and recover during periods that may have previously been uneconomical downtime.

This moment of opportunity is not only for farmers across the UK, but landowners and early-stage developers too.

Across the country, owners of unused land are taking advantage of alternative energy to positively impact both their annual income and the road to a greener future.

By leasing land to Obton to develop solar farms, this unused land that was once potentially cumbersome to maintain can make a positive impact on sustainability for years to come.

“Hearing the landowners voice and ensuring their needs are met is a priority for Obton,” Gerry Shannon, Chairman of Obton, UK and Ireland, said.

“The contract for each project is unique and tailored to the landowner’s specific requirements. Whether a farmer wants to retain certain portions of their leased land to be used for livestock grazing, or if it is site which isn’t typically attractive for other purposes, our experts can make it work for everyone.”

Anders Marcus, CEO of Obton, said: “Our team are one of the leading players in solar energy investment in Europe. We are involved in projects from the very beginning and lead the way on all stages of the project, we take the onus from the landowner but ensure their needs are at the centre of our plans.”

Be a part of generating and delivering a clean and sustainable source of power to local communities.

By diversifying land use with Obton, landowners are also contributing to the nation’s climate action plan and the need to collectively decrease carbon emissions.

The addition of solar farms across the country can aid the supply of much needed clean electricity to thousands of homes and businesses.

A 100-acre solar PV farm can generate 40 MW of electricity, which is enough to provide power to 10,000 UK households.

Your land is a valuable resource, both for you and the UK’s mission toward a greener and more sustainable future.

Now is the time play a part in tackling climate change, while also securing a longer-term, fixed income for decades to come.

Collaborate with solar energy experts who have proven success in the global market.

For over a decade, Obton has left a mark on sustainable energy across the globe by building trusted relationships with landowners and farmers.

To date, Obton has built and completed more than 900 solar farms across Europe and North America, including Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, and Canada.

Obton is the leading provider of solar energy investments in the Nordic region and Europe’s 9th largest player in solar energy.

It is a Danish investments firm which employs more than 200 people across the continent.

Obton has recently entered the UK market as they see great potential for not only the landowners and farmers looking to secure a long-term fixed income, but for local communities across England, Scotland and Wales that will benefit from clean energy sources.

In recent months, Obton announced it was increasing its investment in Ireland to almost £700 million, bringing their pipeline of projects there to 1 Gigawatt, which will ultimately create up to 2,000 local jobs over the coming years during the construction process.

Together with landowners, Obton is enabling the generation and delivery of a clean and sustainable source of power.

To determine whether sites are suitable, Obton’s multi-disciplined team will carry out site assessment checks, with the plot size and proximity to grid connection being priority factors.

While sites need to be at least 50 acres to be viable, landowners shouldn’t be deterred as Obton also works with multiple landowners in the same area who have adjoining land, to build one project.

Obton covers all costs involved and, as their experts navigate the entire process – from the first conversation with the landowner, through to planning, design, construction and maintenance.

For more information, speak to the team at Obton

The Obton team is currently particularly interested in engaging with landowners in the areas around Legacy and Oswestry in Wales, Wem to Shrewsbury in England, and the Angus area in Scotland.

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The team will provide you with expert advice, competitive market pricing and all the information you need to be part of the UK’s journey to green, sustainable energy.