Fact-based fast tractor tales

FELIX THE fast tractor is the star of a new book by children”s author Catherine Cannon.

Published next Friday (Nov 19) for the Christmas market, Felix the Fast Tractor and the Coal Delivery is the sequel to Catherine’s first Felix book, which was released earlier this year and sold 1000 copies in eight weeks.

Aimed at kids between two and six years old, and featuring lovely colourful hand-drawn illustrations, the story charts the experiences of Felix who lives and works on a Cumbrian farm.

“Felix is a caring and kind tractor,” says mum-of-two Catherine, who has close farming connections (and is pictured above with son Peter).

“He is fast because of the special springs he has which are hidden behind his wheels. But he is not just fast in the speed sense, he thinks fast, too. He is a caring and kind tractor, and always looks for ways that he can help people.”

The idea for the books – of which she is planning a series of 10 – stemmed from Catherine’s son’s love of tractors. This one has a snow theme and, as with the first, it features “want to know more” boxes for older children, a game and a diagram of Felix.

“The stories are based on fact, but with an educational slant and a fun twist,” says Catherine.

“I hope that the stories will give as much pleasure to other children as they have to mine. Felix has become a good friend in our home and I am really happy that other children will get the chance to meet Felix and his friends.

“I couldn’t have asked for better sales, they have blown my sales forecasts out of the water! The best part about publishing a book is the feedback from the children who have read the story. I have quite a few ‘Felix’ spotters out there now.”

*Felix the Fast Tractor and the Coal Delivery. Red Wellies Publishing. 4.99.

See the website www.felixthefasttractor.co.uk

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