Farmers and landowners wanted to back ambitious wind power scheme

Farmers and landowners have been urged to support a new multi-million pound wind generation scheme, being set up by Aberdeenshire farmer and agri-businessman, Maitland Mackie.

At the launch today (15 September) on the family farm in Rothienorman, Dr Mackie challenged 10,000 farmers (1000 in Scotland) to back the scheme by investing a minimum of £1000 in a new limited liability company – provisionally called Rural Sector Wingen.

With a total investment of some £270bn over the next 12 years, he said the company would become Europe’s largest energy company, generating 90 gigawatts of electricity into the National Grid from 90,000 three-megawatt wind generators (wingens). It would also have first call on suitable sites for wind generators.

“I view this as a huge opportunity for the whole rural community to share in the massive profits which renewable energy is already delivering to big business,” Dr Mackie said.

“The ‘buy-in’ by farmers, landowners and other rural dwellers will allow profits to be delivered back to rural communities in share dividends, rather than into the hands of City entrepreneurs. It is also hoped to offer early rural investors substantive discounts on their electricity usage.

“Landowners, farmers and others in rural areas need to get our act together – fast – before City and big business steal our show.”

Full details of the scheme can be found at the new Wingen website, which is planned to go live today (15/09/2008).

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