Farmers set to become TV rap stars

Dairy business Yeo Valley is about to launch a primetime TV advert during The X Factor showing four young farmers rapping.

The new ad, shot on location in Somerset, airs for the first time on 9 October.

The lyrics touch on the West Country, organic milk, the countryside and sustainable organic farming.

Directed by the music video director Julien Lutz who’s worked with Nelly Furtado and Christina Aguilera, it aims to represent the brand in a fun way.

All the animals featured are from the Yeo Valley farms and some of the extras are its employees.

It will form part of an £5 million marketing campaign including a new website, a YeoTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter stream.

There will also be an X Factor on-pack offer, with two pairs of VIP audience tickets to the live final up for grabs, with entry via an online vote for one of three real-life farmers, each performing their own version of the Yeo Valley rap.

“The campaign is a new direction for Yeo Valley, not only being on TV for the first time, but really shouting about our sustainably produced, quality organic food and being proud of our West Country roots,” says the firm’s Ben Cull.

“It uses humour to show we don’t take ourselves too seriously, but that we’re an authentic, family run business that believes in making dairy products in harmony with nature.”

You can read the full lyrics of the rap on Tim Relf’s Field Day blog.

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