Farming group plans milk price cuts protest

Farmers for Action has confirmed that protests against the latest round of milk price cuts are likely within the next ten days amid increasing anger by desperate farmers.

FFA chairman David Handley said lobby group members had received calls from a number of large-scale dairy producers and as a result “will need to take to the streets again”.

Mr Handley said FFA committee members had met over the weekend and had voted in favour of taking action, with distribution centres being a point of focus.

“We are going to go after the retailers about the latest price cut. The retailers are putting the pressure on margins, which is putting pressure on processers, who in turn are pushing back at farmers.”

He singled Asda as one of the retailers having the most impact in the market place because its drive for lower prices, led middle ground buyers to slash their prices too.

A statement on FFA’s website reinforced the point: “Our friends at Asda continue to discount dairy product, which then influences what happens within the whole middle ground sector.”

The statement added: “It is now down to dairy farmers, if you wish to sort this matter out support the action, or if you are one of the clever ones who can produce milk at these prices, please share it with us so we can pass it on to your fellow dairy farmers.

“Remember the saying, ‘united we stand, divided we fall’, that should be very clear to everybody including our fellow farmer representatives.”

On Friday, Robert Wiseman Dairies announced a 1.7p/litre reduction in the farmgate milk price to take effect from 1 August, 2012.