First major packer to embrace on-farm egg stamping

Oaklands Farm Eggs is seizing the initiative to become the first major UK packer to stamp 100% of its eggs, marked with the method of production, the country of origin and the farm’s unique identity number.

The move will require all its suppliers to stamp their eggs on the farm of origin prior to delivery to the Oaklands Farm Shropshire packing centre, creating a crucial traceability check for the consumer.

Packed eggs

“Being a family business we feel that it’s important to support our producers and to protect the industry against foreign imports as best we can,” explains Oaklands Farm’s technical director,  Elwyn Griffiths.

“Ink printing at farm level gives us another important tool to ensure full traceability of every egg that comes through our packing centre.”

Acknowledging the extra cost of stamping all egg production, the packer is to cover this by providing its dedicated producers with the print unit and all consumables.

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