Foscote sees strong hogg and cull trade

Ringside at Foscote Market, Winslow, Buckinghamshire

Hoggs commanded a much stronger trade at Monday’s (12 March) sale, with almost 1,100 head going under the hammer. A few more export weight hoggs were on offer, selling to a market top of 223p/kg for a pen of Texel crosses. Standard weights averaged 203.5p/kg, with medium weights at 205.1p, up to a top of 220p. Heavy hoggs commanded £8-10 a head more than last week, with a pen of Beltex x Cheviots topping the section at 213p/kg and all 375 head averaging 192.5p/kg.

“Fierce competition continues here at Foscote for culls, with more than 10 pens readily £90-plus,” said auctioneer Scott Ruck. A pen of Suffolks commanded top price of £117 a head, with all 125 culls averaging £81.84.

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