France to link food prices to farmers’ cost of production

The French president Emmanuel Macron wants to shake up the food sector and ensure producers are price setters rather than price takers.

The plans, which are part of the president’s ambitions to address the imbalance of power in the food sector, are aimed at returning more money to farmers.

Under his plans, the starting price in negotiations would be set by farmers, so food prices could better reflect the cost of production.

French farmers, as in the UK, have borne the brunt of an intense supermarket price war over the past few years, which have contributed to squeezed margins.

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In France, there is a minimum price at which certain food products can be sold by retailers – this would be raised under Macron’s proposals.

However, according to, the president said he was not offering the food industry a blank check to raise prices.

What do farmers think about the plans?

British and American farmers responded. Some were positive…

Others weren’t so sure…

Legislation is expected to be prepared next year, according to reports by

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