Free online course on leadership skills in farming

The latest Farmers Weekly Academy helps  farmers and farm businesses develop their leadership skills to improve the business bottom line.

Effective leadership and management of staff is a critical ingredient of business success.  Farm businesses often focus on financial planning, budgets, cash flow and cost control but neglect the key area of people and team management.

Staff is one of the most costly resources and is key to delivering the right business outcomes, yet is commonly at risk of being under-valued or poorly managed.

Gallup identified from a survey that poorly managed teams are on average:

  • 50% less productive
  • 44% less profitable than well-managed teams
  • 20% of workers leave their jobs because of how they are managed

This leads to further losses of performance and also to the significant costs of recruitment and retraining – around £3000 – £7000 per person.

Our Leadership Skills Academy, with Alistair Gibb of Cedar Associates, an expert in leadership training, can help you avoid the pitfalls of poor management and get the right results from your staff.

Take the free online Leadership Skills Academy now.

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