FWi launches ‘Company link’

Farmers Weekly‘s website www.fwi.co.uk has launched a brand-new online service designed to provide the most up-to-date information on leading products, trends and services from companies within farming and the rural sector.

Now, when users read news and features on FWi, related sponsored agriculture industry headlines will appear in an “FWi Company Link” sponsored box, which appears next to each article.

Clicking on the links box when reading an article on FWi will take users through to more related content from that company. If users are looking for specific company-related information, they can search by keyword or company name, or click the company logos to browse for more relevant content.

“This is yet another development on the site demonstrating our commitment to continually improve our online service and help our customers provide targeted and relevant information to their audiences,” said group online editor Julian Gairdner.

“Increasingly, farmers not only want to read articles, but to find out more information about related products and services. This new development will help them achieve that.”

  • To see for yourself, click on any article headline at www.fwi.co.uk and look for the “FWi company link” box in the right-hand column.

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