General Motors pushes ‘flex-fuel’ vehicles

US motor giant General Motors has been running a campaign at this year’s motor shows and in the media to promote its “flex-fuel” vehicles.

Called “Live Green Go Yellow”, the campaign emphasises the environmental benefits of using cars that run on E85 – a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline.

In total, GM has 13 such models available, which are no more expensive to buy than conventional models.

The company sees great opportunity to boost its image and market share by offering flex-fuel vehicles.

A recent survey showed 87% consumer approval for manufacturers supporting this alternative technology.

US farmers have also welcomed the commitment shown by GM and other car-makers.

“The campaign, which especially targets young adults, is loaded with good information about ethanol,” said Stewart Truelsen of the American Farm Bureau Federation.

“Farmers can look back with pride at how far ethanol has come from the days when they were the only ones excited about it.”

GM aims to sell 400,000 flex-fuel vehicles this year.

Its website ( features a “cornulator”, which estimates how many barrels of oil are saved by driving an E85 car.

For example, a Chevy Tahoe driven 15,000 miles will save 12 barrels of oil and use nearly 22,000 maize cobs.

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