GM wheat could have been exported to Europe

The EU Commission has asked US authorities to confirm whether GM wheat found on an Oregon farm could have been exported to Europe.

Following the discovery of glyphosate-resistant wheat, thought to be Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Wheat trialled from 1999-2005, concerns were raised that the wheat could have been exported to the EU.

The commission also contacted Monsanto asking for a detection method and reference material so that member states, including the UK, can carry out their own testing.

Member states have been asked to test consignments of soft white wheat already imported and any testing positive will not be put on the market.

“The commission has reacted immediately to the news release and asked for further information and reassurance from the relevant US services as to whether wheat exports to the EU could be affected by this unauthorised GM presence,” said a EU statement.

“The commission also asked to be informed of USDA follow-up investigations.”

So far this marketing year, the UK has bought nearly 40,000t of wheat from the US (see graph above).

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