Goat farmer wins £225,000 damages

A GOAT FARMER has been awarded £225,000 by the Court of Appeal because of negligence on the part of their solicitors, Brachers.

Plaintiffs Bill and Maureen Browning bought a goat farm in Cowden, Kent, ten years ago, but found the 400-animal herd was infected with Johne’s disease.

The bowel infection devastated the health and milk yield of their goats, which wasted and eventually died, leaving the land infected.

They sought damages against the farm’s vendors, but Brachers slipped up and failed to recover any money.

The practice offered a £120,000 settlement, but solicitors advised the Brownings to go to Court, where they won £46,000 for loss of opportunity.

On appeal, though, Mr Justice Jack hiked the award to £225,000 and ordered the solicitors to pay 80% of the family’s costs.

But the trial’s costs ran into millions of pounds, and Brachers’ managing partner John Sheath said he doubted the family would walk away with much.

Mrs Browning said the family had been repeatedly let down by their solicitors, but would continue fighting.