Goldline layer to be renamed Bovans Brown

Hendrix Genetics has completed its acquisition of Cambridgeshire supplier Joice and Hill and renamed the Goldline bird which is now the Bovans Brown.

Nick Bailey as managing director becomes a managerial part of the poultry distribution division (SFPA & Integra) under the leadership of Laurent Taalbi.

In Line with Hendrix Global brand policy the Bovans Goldline will now be re-named the ‘Bovans Brown. While the fundamentals of bottom line performance, laying persistency and shell quality remain, the re-naming coincides with a modest reduction in egg size and further gains in robustness.

Egg size remains adaptable, but this evolution reflects changing egg size requirements in Europe and other key Bovans Brown markets.

Peter Cumbers, Joice & Hill’s sales manager, is confident that the Bovans Brown’s high egg numbers along with the egg size evolution means the bird will continue to appeal all producers.

“We have seen a 20% increase in day old chick sales in 2009 and see no reason why we cannot continue this momentum through 2010 and beyond.”

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