Help in the battle against bluetongue

  • Two products from Denis Brinicombe Group can be used as part of a management programme to reduce spread of bluetongue. Bug-A-Tub is a solid mineral tub containing ParaGurard, a natural product that secretes into the animal’s skin and produces a natural protective aroma around it, deterring most midges from biting sheep. Tub Fly works in a similar way for cattle. Active elements seep through the sweat glands and skin pores, providing a shed-like odour. For more information or to order either product, call the Mineral Clinic on 0800 374 325 or email

  • Capable of spraying 350-500 head of cattle, a midge repellent from Net-Tex aims to help combat bluetongue disease. Net-Tex managing director Tony Meakin says the UK must learn from trials in South Africa and prevent midges from biting host animals. “Repellent products should last for at least two or three days as well as show controlled release.”

To order the product, available in five litre containers, contact 01474 813 999 or go to

  • Unsure which movement rules apply to you and how you can trade? For all the latest movement rule news and changes, see DEFRA’s foot-and-mouth and bluetongue pages for the authoritative source of information –

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