Horsemeat: shoppers turn backs on processed food

One-third of consumers will avoid buying processed meat, according to a survey conducted as the horsemeat scandal continues to develop.

Pollsters Lightspeed Research asked more than 6,200 shoppers how their attitudes had changed since processed food products labelled as beef were found to contain traces of horsemeat.

The survey found that 36% of respondents were now less likely to buy processed food.

The scandal has also prompted 20% to buy more fresh meat and 13% to say they will buy more meat sourced locally. But a further 5% said they would buy less meat altogether.

Almost one-fifth said they would avoid brands that had been linked to the horsemeat scandal and 15% said they would no longer buy economy value meat.

One in three consumers questioned said the scandal wouldn’t make any difference to their shopping habits, with more men (47%) than women (26%) showing indifference when buying processed meat.

The survey results came as Tesco confirmed that packs of its Everyday Value Spaghetti Bolognese contained up to 60% horsemeat. The meals – which came from the French factory producing Findus beef lasagne, also at the centre of a row over horsemeat – were withdrawn from sale on Tuesday 12 February.

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