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How to understand and unlock your land value

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We Bring Land To Life, making it visible and accessible. Our platform makes it easy for farmers to find, research, buy or sell land, or unlock the true potential of their own land.

Unlock the true potential of your farm or any potential future property

You know your land: how it changes with seasons, how it drains, what grows best where, and how livestock will thrive in each field. But it takes time to find that level of insight. And in today’s fast-changing business, it can be hard to find the time.

Success can turn on the timing of a season, the arrival of a pest, the most subtle changes to law and guidance; it makes sense to arm yourself with the very best data on your land to give yourself a better chance.

That means understanding the land you own, and the land you might be seeking to buy, lease or sell on.

The problem is land values depend on so many factors at once. Topography, rights of way, flooding and drainage, soil types and heat absorption — these are just the beginning.

But defining each factor for every plot, using accurate, official sources of data, and holding that data in a way that you can analyse quickly and easily: this is a very modern challenge.

This is where Addland comes in. Our platform helps you understand all the factors that influence land values, in one place.


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A platform that makes land simple is a dedicated platform for people who need land, work with land, or have land to sell. We make things simple for farmers by presenting all the data you need about land, on demand.

Our aim is to bring land to life — making it visible and accessible to all. We’re used by farmers, land agents and developers across the country to access the information and services they need.

We offer easy search functions that let you target specific needs, like farming or development land. And we give you access to advanced map data showing all considerations, including Special Protected Area, SSSI, Public Rights of Way. Addland lets anyone unlock the potential of land.

When we created Addland, we spoke to people across the land industry, including farmers, who asked for a tool that could give them this level of insight, whenever they needed it, so they could unlock the value of their land, and assess the true value of potential sites elsewhere.

Why find land through Addland?

Today, we’re the single destination for the land industry, and the first place you need to look when you research, buy or sell farmland. showcases land in an easy-to-use online platform that offers simple map-based tools to locate the right plot quickly and easily.

We’ve built a strong relationship with farmers, agents and landowners who trust Addland to connect them with buyers and vendors that they can work with.

So, whether you’re looking to relocate, expand, or unlock capital from your farmland, we’re the most direct route you can find.

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How we’re making land easy

  • View agricultural land classification
  • Understand land use category
  • Identify nitrate vulnerable zones
  • Save your favourite plots
  • Research all land considerations
  • Make offers and transact online
  • Access all agents in one place
  • Check your own land prior to sale
  • Measure and subdivide land into multiple plots

Unlock the value of your land and understand the true potential of sites elsewhere.

Bringing Land to Life

Farming is changing. And that means the tools you need to succeed have moved on, too. Addland gives you a single digital platform with tools that you can start using immediately, making an instant difference to your business.

With just a couple of clicks, you’ll see complex layers of detail from different sources, combined in one easy-to-understand layout for the very first time. From soil quality data to topographical heat mapping and nitrate vulnerable zones, Addland offers you every tool you need.

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